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Friday, March 8, 2013


Miriam Makeba

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Miriam Makeba
Since childhood I grew up with the music of Miriam Makeba and I loved singing her songs. She was a fierce fighter for human rights and was banned from South Africa during the apartheid years. Not only that, the South African government of that time stripped her of her citizenship of her own birthland.
Despite this hardship, she not only became famous and the symbol of “Mama Africa” but she continued right until her death to fight for justice and freedom for all people.
Women in Africa frequently walk singing in groups and meetings are started with or ended with group singing. No-one can stay untouched by it, and everyone is always warmly invited to sing along.  Miriam’s music is therefore  not only true reflection of authentic African voices with their lovely lilts and vocalizing, but she also helped to reinvent African music and open up the market to other African artists.
Her story is a true inspiration of overcoming struggle and creating a message of hope and joy.

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