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Monday, July 1, 2013


I have been working from home due to some reasons, but with full access to the Internet  and freelancing jobs I can use my computer just few hours each day, not only to generate some income but also to develop my career. Furthermore I use my spare time  for blogging sharing my knowledge to the world .

Working at home require maximum discipline, but it's also wonderful and gives me freedom being my own boss, I can take my computer to a park or shopping mall and work from there, every time I feel to get out of the house.

The other thing is work from home gives the opportunity to be there for my girls and still making some income and career development at the same time, and enjoy the life without stress.

My home office
My message today is that, the opportunity you have in your hand might be the right opportunity ,it may not be great, but at least you'll have the  sastification of knowing you did the best you possibly could, and you may learn something from it. And you're always free to do alternative that does satisfy your creative standards.


Anonymous said...


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Eunice Mahundi said...

Thanks for the information

Tanya said...

I have been working at home for over a decade and would not have it any other way. When my second child was born, it was impossible to maintain a corporate job that demanded 10 hours of my day plus transportation time. Necessity is the mother of invention and I started working at home. There are many excellent opportunities, depending on your skills and what you like.

Eunice Mahundi said...

Thanks Tanya, your comment is a good insparation

Adam said...

Thanks for sharing this information. It is a great place for anyone looking to Start Working From Home. I will use these tips to start my own journey.