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Monday, January 14, 2013




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The above title is a message I like to share with you today. May be you have heard about it , or may be not. The main thing to be learned is how to deal with crab mentality.

Crab mentality is a popular phrase in Philippines, the concept refers to an interesting phenomenon which occurs in a bucket of  live crabs, if one crab attempts to escape the other crabs will pull it back down rather than  allowing it to get free.

The above phenomenon is synonym to people who don't want others to achieve more than what they have achieved in their lives. They will do whatever it takes to pull you down; especially when s/he sees that you have all the potentials to pursue and achieve your dreams.

Crab mentality can occur out of jealous, conspiracy or competitive feelings; do you remember in the Bible when Cain killed Abel? That was the first incident of crab mentality to  be recorded. It is human nature for some to envy, or for some to back stab someone in order to acquire others' position, or prevent them to be happy or successful.

Crab people may try to discourage you every way they can, with anger, verbal attacks, talking behind your back, spreading false information about you just to ruin your reputation  etc, so that you can loose your confidence and stop pursuing your dreams.

Now, know that crab people always want to be the best not others, to deal with people, first you have to understand that we cannot avoid this kind of people for they are everywhere .

So learn the following things;

  • Recognize the crab  around you is very important,  it's better to end the relationship with crab people , but what if that crab person is a family member , a relative or your boss. Accept the reality who they are, don't waste you time trying to change them, focus on your achievements, and not on their negativities. "When you climb to the top of the obstacle that is blocking your view, you are able to look at your situation from a different perspective" Lucy  MacDonald.

  • Don't share your plan, success stories or things like that with crab people. Try to associate with positive minded people , who work hard and support others.

  • Keep fighting; this is very important, don't let any one discourage you, don't loose your confidence and stay focused, if you want to get to the top keep fighting. "Rise above hate , conquer your fear , and be a star."John Cena