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Friday, January 18, 2013


Sedentary lifestyle, is a lifestyle  with no or  little physical activities. It's sometime referred as a sitting disease , because the condition, which  predates the term is charecterized by sitting or remaining inactive for most time with little or no exercise. For example sitting, reading, watching tv, playing video games, those are some of sedentary activities.

WHO report of april 2002, states that physical inactivity can have serious  problems  for peoples's health, sedentary life style is among 10 leading causes  of death and physical disability in the world, it causes  two millions deaths annually, but  not addressed as Public Health Problem.

On top of  that, it can contribute to or be a risk  factor  for, anxienty cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, colon cancer, obesity, kidney stones etc , also it increases tobacco use, poor diet and nutrition.

Remember that, people who doesn't  practice physical fitness, are not all lazy, others are busy with work , business etc. As a result, they  have no time for physical activities, its important for busy people to find time for exercising, and lazy people should do the same.

The following are some of the tips, you can learn and try to be active,
  • Try to exercise even while sitting at your desk or sofa, exercise arms and legs to keep your muscles active and blood flowing.
  •  Take a short walk during lunch break, find a place which is not closer to your office for your lunch, walk at least 15 to 20 minutes everyday, go and return.
  • Try to walk  during telephone conversation, if possible instead of sitting.
  • Go to the gym during week ends for physical fitness, if you too busy use indoor exercising equipment every evening while you are watching television, or listening music.
  • Once a week try to do something which is fun and more physical with your family or friends, to burn calories and give a boost to your health, for example jumping rope, play ball, jogging or swimming.
  • Help your  self, try to do domestic works e.g,  gardening, sweeping, any work which can keep you moving while cleaning your house.

Remember, active lifestyle prevents premature death and which leads to have less health problems, and spend less on your medical cost, also improves the functioning of your body.