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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Workaholic is a person who is addicted  to work, S/he puts work before personal life. The addiction is so consuming  it prevents a workaholic from maintaining healthy interpersonal relationship, outside interests, and even caring for themselves.

Signs for workaholic according to Dr.Karyn Gordon;
  • You cannot stop thinking about work
  • Your relationship are negatively affected, studies have shown that a partnership with a workaholic is twice as likely to end in divorce
  • Your social life is ignored , there is no balance between work and fun
  • You have difficulty sleeping
  • You skip meal because of works
  • You see relexation as a waste of time
  • You have difficulty delegating tasks to others
  • Other people tell you, "you are a workaholic"
I like to tell you one simple defference between a hard worker and a workaholic;
Hard worker, know how to set limits upon their work in order to be present for family, friends, social activities and etc. 
Workaholic, allow work to take top priority over all areas of life, any commitments to marriage, children, friends are broken to meet work demands.

To be a hard worker, or working for overtime, overworking sometime is not bad; but when work control your life and creates problems with your relationships, your health( because workaholism  ia a burden to your health physicaly, emotionaly, and mentaly), and happiness.Then it's a time to evaluate your self.

You can do the following if you want to stop work addiction;
  • Don't allow work to interfere your personal life, a human being is a social animal, you need to spend time with close people in your life, time for resting and relaxation and taking care of your own health.

  • Don't skip meals and sleep well, you need to eat well balance food on time, and getting enough sleep it is vital for your health  and to getting the energy to work otherwise you will be sick.

  • Stick to office schedule, when it's time to go home do so, work according  to the hours your employer demands, if possible don't take your work at home.

  • Get involved in fun activities, exciting events etc, meet new friends and create social life.

  • If your addiction is horrible seek professional help from counsellor ,psychotherapist etc