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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Today I have chosen to give a message about parenting. I'm a parent too and I love being a parent, it's wonderful being a parent but  sometimes it's  full of challenges. The good thing is we can learn everyday  on how to improve parenting skills, because parenting is like a full time job . You can read the following tips, they might be useful in improving parenting skills.

Be a role model
Understand that, you are responsible for the example you set for your children, as parents we are our children first role model, pay attention to what you do or say around them.

Avoid favoritis
Surveys have shown that most parents have favorites, but most children believe that they are the favorite , if children are quarreling , don't choose sides but be fair and neutral.

Avoid public humiliation
If  they misbehave in public, take them aside and scold them privately.

Avoid criticism Of the child  but focus on the behaviour instead
When your child acts out in a harmful manner, tell him or her that such behavior is not acceptable and suggest alternatives. Avoid statements such as ,"you're bad", "go away", etc.

Improve your child social skills
Express your love and affection
Little encouragement, appreciation, approval or even smile can boost the confidence and the well being of your children. Let them know that you will always love them no matter what.

Praise your children
Avoid comparing your child to others, each child is individual and unique, failure to do so may give your child an inferiority complex, an idea that they can never be good enough in your eyes.

So parenting doesn't  stop when a child grows up. Being a parent remains a life-long role, but remember that once they become adults, the decisions they make in life are ultimately theirs with their consequences.

                      GOOD LUCKY