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Monday, March 18, 2013




Self defense is the act of  defending yourself  by use of physical force against attack. Violence is everywhere in the world, and women are good candidates to become victims of violent crime most of the time according to experience. Women  need to know how to protect themselves  against rape, domestic violence, kidnapping, etc.

Taking a self defense class is a good idea for women especially those who work late at night, live or work in a rough neighborhood, or who have violent partners. You have to know that self defense is not about fighting but to prevent your attacker get close enough to you  so that you can buy time to escape, this means that self defense is not 100%  guarantee.  Sometimes if you can avoid  confrontation or get away, by handing over your valuables they want  is better rather  than fight , your life is worth than anything else. If violence is avoidable for example rape or  someone wants to kill you need to defend yourself  and fight back.

So women it is better to take self defense class and learn how to defend yourself to further your safety and protection. If you are interested you can google and learn more about self defense for women.