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Monday, May 13, 2013


You know  someone  has been successful in establishing a personal brand when that person is known by only one name. The name Shaq immeadeately brings to mind the almost cartoon-like image of Shaquille  O' Neal, standing 7'1" tall and weighing 325 pounds. He played basketball professionally for 19 years.

Shaq works diligently to maintain his brand- that of the biggest and the best in all that he does. He has taken his celebrity status beyond basketball to create four rap albums, the first  of which went platinum. He has starred in numerous films and reality shows, inevitably being featured as the larger-than-life Goliath whose personality  has you rooting for him. Shaq has carefully tailored his brand to reflect his success, emphasizing his cheerful outlook and contributions to both sports and entertainment.

Reference :Chritton  Susan(2012), Personal Branding for Dummies,Wiley and Sons,Canada.