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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Drama  queen is the person who tends to overreact to minor incident, or someone who turns something unimportant into a major deal. Drama queen is gender neutral, drama queens come in all forms include women and men of all ages.

Drama queens are emotional dysfunction and it's their duty and pleasure to make life harder for everyone around them.

The following are some of the charecteristics of a drama queen;

  • Always place blame on others rather than face the reality 
  • Jealous and envy for others
  • Notoriously, self centered, and self absorbed 
  • Does not take personal criticism very well
  • Attention seeker
  • They can't be trusted with sensitive information 
  • Complainer 
  • Manipulator 

What causes the drama? 

Childhood trauma might be a trigger in some cases. Psychiatrist Bruce Perry of the Child­Trauma Academy in Houston has found that children who experience trauma—from abuse to natural disasters—undergo changes in brain chemistry affecting regions that make them moody, oversensitive to stimulation, and unable to accurately assess certain social and environmental cues.

Childhood neglect could also be a factor, experts in the field believe. If parents or guardians habitually ignore, discount or dismiss a child’s thoughts, feelings and experiences, the child may decide that dramatic presentations—from dressing provocatively to telling stories of wild adventures or crises—are necessary to get attention.

Genes could contribute as well. Excessive behavior runs in families, according to a 2004 study led by psychiatrist John Gunderson of Harvard Medical School. Gunderson’s team found that 27 percent of the relatives of BPD patients displayed aspects of the disorder’s problematic relationship style as compared with just 17 percent of the relatives of people with other personality disorders. Shared environmental factors—say, particular parenting practices that a child learns—could play a role in this pattern, although Gunderson theorizes that as yet undiscovered genetic variations may also predispose some family members to difficulties with attachment and mood regulation.

It's very difficult to live or work, even to be a friend of a drama queen. The important thing you need to know it's difficult to change a drama queen without a professional help because they are sick and needs to grow up.

They will try to do anything to get what they want ,their philosophy is THERE IS NO BAD ATTENTION. That's why drama queens are typically used to ba have in a loud or disruptive manner anytime something is not their liking.

The best way to react to a drama queen, is to ignore her and walk away if they attack you verbally, they hate to be ignored, if they don't get the attention they want they will move on to someone else.

It's also good to let them know the truth that you consider her as a sick person, and you can't associate  with sick people unless she is ready for a therapy, because she doesn't need others's sympathy but a the advice of a mental health professional.