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Thursday, June 13, 2013




Why do girls act like they dont like you when they do?

This teller at the bank started flirting with me, like clearly flirting with me. Not friendly teller talk. I can tell the difference. I was def attracted she had a nice body, she was cute and smart. But, she had an ego about her, and underlining "Im the ish attitude". I only got her as my teller twice. Every other time I had been talking with and admittedly flirting with other tellers there. I think she overheard my conversations.

anyways skip to yesterday, shes my teller again. This time...She not very outgoing, shes not being flirtacious, shes practically ignoring me, being very I could care less and not being outgoing at all. I recognized this as "game playing" and I ignored her, just like she was ignoring me, walked right out. Skip to today...She was eyeballing me when I walked in to the bank. Thank god I didnt get her as my teller because that would have been awkward although I would have been able to handle it. Why do girls play like this?
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    • Dude, tell me about it! They constantly act different and one day like you and the next they don't. This is because she is trying to play hard to get. Girls think a guy likes them more if he thinks he can't get her which is true. They will do stuff like take ages to reply to texts to make you wonder what they are doing etc. Try and play hard to get yourself: take about 30 minutes to reply to texts, and only flirt with her occasionally. She will wonder what's happening and she will like you even more! Good luck mate.
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    • she likes you and she got jealous cuz you were flirting with other tellers the staring part was a indication that she still likes you. why girls do this ? cuz they also want to have a sense that they're already in a relationship with you. if you don't really like this girl then tell her or she'll continue this obsessive behavior with you. if you do really like her then ask her out and stop making her feel insecure
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    • It's possible that she is at odds with her own feelings. One side wants to project a confident strong desirable woman and the other is vulnerable, scared, and at the end of the day just wants someone to like/love her. Both genders display this behavior, it's natural. Some are just better at dealing with it.
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    • She doing that bcus ur flirting with other women and she thinks that if u guys go out u might do that with & infront of her so thats why her attitude changed but she still might like u tho just talk to her and ask her straight up hope this helps god bless!
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    • girls flirt at first to see if you like them. then ignore you because they want to see if you would still be interested. she is looking for you to chase her.
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    • Same reason why guys do it!
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    • lol
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    • Maybe she had a thing for you then she over-heard one of your conversation with the other tellers and that made her find you a bit jerkish! Maybe you could ask her if she wants to go out for something to eat maybe give her your mobile number or ask for hers? Make it obvious you want something with her if you do. If not and you just want to flirt then flirt with the others too but don't be upset when she ignores you!

      Good Luck and Hope I helped!

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    • First time: she was being flirtatious
      Second time: she's a bit jealous because after over hearing how you are just a big flirt
      Third time: she probably felt like a fool for day dreaming about you only to find you are just a player
      Fourth time: she hates you now for messing with her emotions so she probably figure if she's mean you will get the message and not come back (or may be apologize and ask her out)
      Bottom line she's a woman and we women tends to read a bit more into simple flirt than men.


      A woman whose been there done that lol
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