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Tuesday, June 18, 2013



Have a passion and you will make money. Wanting to be rich does not generate wealth. Yes, some entrepreneurs create huge business empires and become vastly rich, but even when they make their millions they carry on working regardless. They are not driven by money, but the love of what they do. They are often gripped by an almost desperate determination to make their mark and do something better.

Think about it. If you don't genuinely enjoy or even love what you do, how will you motivate yourself? If you have to write a proposal, are you going to be thinking "oh no, not that damn document!" Or " I can't wait to tell the world about my idea!"? If you need  to give a pitch about your business, will you be scrabbling around  for ways to pad out your presentation or bubbling over with too many ideas?

True entrepreneurs have discovered that if they have  a passion and manage to communicate it to their customers, the money comes almost as an afterthought.  Business people who do it purely for the money are not true entrepreneurs. Greed is not the same as passion, and without that passion and enthusiasm  to deliver something new or better, these people run out of energy and flee back to comfortable jobs  working for someone else.

Don't let that be you. Whatever you choose  to do in your  business, make sure you can get excited about it. If you don't, how can you expect your customer to do so?

Reference: Rob Yeung,(2011), The New Rules of Entrepreneurship, Marshal Cavendish Business,United Kingdom.