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Thursday, June 20, 2013

THREE WORK MINDSETS: Which one suits you?


People are willing to follow you, and find working with you a fun and rewarding experience. You have an unflattering  confidence in your ability to lead, and are likely to be an extrovert.

What you're best at
Typically charismatic, leaders are competent and have good interpersonal skills, are able to inspire others and are ambitious. Their mindset is more about outputs and financial reward for the effort expanded. Reacher says:'You get a kick out of  watching others grow and do well, and love nurturing.

What to remember
Keenan says; ' leaders like to take credit for achievements, but need to remember and acknowledge other people's cotributions .' Guttridge adds: 'You have to be able to delegate and trust others. You are more comfortable with big-picture thinking rather than focusing on detail, and  think more long- term rather than day -to -day.' You should guard against narcissistic traits.


Flexible, committed and co-oparative, you really thrive when you're part of a team, doing what you're best at, and you are willing to pitch in and work beyond expectations to help others too.

What you're best at
Keenan explains: 'Employees' mindsets are about contributing  to the team's output and success. They co-oparate and able to communicate constructively, they are good listeners and share things openly  and willingly, and they tend to be flexible in their approach and show commitment to the team and its ultimate goal.'

What to remember
Good employees often focus on the detail rather than the on wider picture, so remember not to be afraid to 'think big' at times too you can lose motivation easily if you don't feel appreciated, so work on internal validation  as well as  relying on praise  from others. And  don't forget that if you  don't communicate , your work is bound to suffer.

2.Self employed

You are willing to go it alone and take  calculated risks. You may have a conviction  about your business to the exclusion of everything else, and driven by passion.

What you're best at
Keenan says: ' Self - employed individuals are creative, determined, confident and open - minded, with strong people skills and work ethic to die for. Their mindset is about the love of the project.

What to remember
You tend to be difficult to manage and are more able to work on your own. You need to be flexible to cope with uncertainty, and good at recognizing opportunities. Guttridge adds:  'You need to balance big -picture  and long long- term thinking with detail and short -term, and be very good with people.' Reacher says: 'Being self-employed can be stressful, as you're responsible for your success, so excelling under pressure is essential. You'll need to be naturally driven and disciplined, as you're accountable only to yourself.'

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