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Monday, August 5, 2013


'STOP THE  EXCUSES', this is the book by  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. It's about how to change lifelong thought or self defeating thinking patterns ( you can call them excuses) that prevent you from living the life you wants. For example check the following statements;

  • "It will take too long to get what I want"
  • "It will be difficult to change my situation"
  • "I'm too old to start a new project"
  • I'm not smart enough to invest in  real estate" etc
Those above excuses  are thoughts, beliefs or attitudes in your mind that can spread to and from other people minds. Influence your behaviour  and become your reality, often your entire life.

How do you get past the little voice that says, 'I can't'?

In his latest groundbreaking work, best selling author Wayne Dyer shows clearly that you can - and you will- by stopping the doubt and starting to believe. He examines closely how our thoughts, feelings and behaviors cause us to act as we do and how they can be changed  to provide inspiration, encouragement and a vital support system for our self-esteem.

You have unquestionable ability to eliminate excuses, you elevate your  life by taking responsibility for who you are and what you're choosing to become.

 You can change and live your life how you want- just stop the excuses!

This book is good and inspiring, it will help you change the thinking and stop the excuses and being able to achieve anything you want.