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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Perfume Tips

Perfume is used to give the human body a pleasant  scent. Perfume initially  was designed to be worn by a lady to make her smell good and feel good, but now both men and women wear perfume.

  1. Not every perfume would suit every one, the good way to test a perfume is on your skin. Before you buy it test the perfume on your skin and leave it for several hours to see if the scent will be suitable with your body chemistry, if it will be ok  buy it.
  2. Make sure the perfume you are wearing should not make others uncomfortable, too much or heavy perfume can give people nausea, headache, allergy, mood swings etc. it might not affect you but it may affect people around you.
  3. Invest on quality perfume.
  4. For longer lasting scent don't wear a perfume on a dry skin, moisturizer your body right after shower, then wear you perfume.
  5. Apply you perfume on bare skin not to clothing, and apply it away from jewelry because it will cause stains on the fabrics and on your jewelry.
  6. Apply the perfume on pulse points, on  wrists, throat, the inner parts of knee and elbow, where it will stay warm and the scent last longer.
  7. Skip the perfume for job interviews, doctor's appointment,or if you are having a surgery or X-rays.