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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I start reading books at a very young age,I remember I used t like very much  biblical stories  for kids such as, Noah and the Great Flood, A Favorite  Son.
Becomes a Slave, David The Sherpherd Boy etc. I grew up without the distraction from television and internet, so in my teen years fiction books were my favorite because I was reading for fun and entertainment. Since I have become an adult I read many non fiction books on wide range of topics such as  motivation, business, social psychology, leadership e.t.c

I enjoy reading books, I try to read almost everyday and when I read I turn  off  computer and tv. Books have many benefits to me, I can get information on particular subject of my interest through books. Some books have got stories that are very amusing and therefore reduce stress, By reading books I can get new ideas, knowledge to apply in my life and understand things from other people's views and it also sets me free from boredom.

I like to encourage you to read books, Many people believe that they don't have time to read the books,  but there is always a time. Instead of spending too much time trawling the internet and sitting on the sofa watching tv, you can use that time to read books, you can read during traffic jams, when you are eating, on bed before you fall asleep. You can read the books every time you get an opportunity to do so. It's good to educate yourself through books, gain knowledge, wisdom in a much lesser time and expand your views about life. Being a mother in my family which means more or less a leader, I'm compelled to read books everyday like they say "A leader must be a reader"