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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Was the most searched phrase on google in 2012. Why people are looking for, answers, meaning and definition about love?

I believe , if  you ask  many people , with different ( colour, age, professional, religion, etc), this question , what is love?  You Will not be able ,to get   a single or a perfect definition about love, but a lot of definitions, meanings,  stories etc, concerning love.

"Understanding love is one of the hardest things in the world" Fred Rogers.

I agree with him. That's  why, i  won't waste my time, trying finding the definition of love. The most important thing i care is, TO LOVE AND BE LOVED. Because;

  • If  you  understand, what is love all about. And you aren't in love, it's  nothing.
  • If you love somebody, and s/he doesn't loves you back, it's pain.
  • If someone loves you, and you don't love that person,it's sad.
  • If you love and be loved in return, is love.

What do you think? I'm inviting your ideas and opinions,etc.