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Monday, December 30, 2013


Hi guys, today I would like to share with you my relaxation technique, it is called Warm Bath.  Like any normal human being, I use this technique whenever I physically and mentally get tired . Being a mother to three girls, a wife,  a self employed mom, and a  part time blogger I have so much to do;  caring for my children, house work, making a follow up on my little projects, etc. It is undisputed fact that body resting and relaxation is vital for our well being.  Being aware and practicing  of resting and relaxation techniques for the body  is a plus to achieve a stressless and happy life. I will share with you other techniques next time. For now let's talk about a warm bath.

Here is what I usually do for warm bath resting and relaxation technique. I fill the tub with warm water, then I put the scented roses, light the candles  and  always play the soft music to refresh my mind. Then I soak myself  in the tube and try to breath in and out slowly, concentrating on the music that plays at the moment , smelling the roses, enjoying my drink, and thinking about wonderful events in my life. I stay in the water for about twenty minutes, after that I put on lounge wear and slippers then I get seated on the  sofa and sleep for a while.

This technique works for me perfectly, not only it reduces fatigue but also helps me restore the energy lost due to busy day and improve my sleep, without using any thing which is not helpful and addictive like drugs and alcohol.  There are many techniques for relaxation you can google and read them, then choose one which will suit you. I'm sure it will be helpful for your relaxation for both body and mind,  Even your soul and improve your health.

I wish you wonderful preparations for the new year.