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Monday, February 24, 2014

Black is beutiful, Why whitenicious?

Black is beautiful and I'm proud of  my skin colour

Hi guys, hope you had a good weekend, last week I read some articles on the internet about skin bleaching.  Some  black women and even some men in  My continent Africa use bleaching creams in order to have their skins look lighter, which they believe will make them look more beautiful. My observation is that bleaching makes them look bad, look at some of the pictures below ( from

before                      after
This is very sad, why people are not comfortable with their skin colour?  I think  these people have low self esteem and body image issues, in the sense that  they don't feel they are worth. That's why they think changing their skin colour  to look lighter, might make them feel superior and happy.


My dear sisters and brothers, what you need to change is the way you see your skin colour, your body, your personality. In other words You have to work on  how you think about yourself. Accept your skin tone and love the way you are, don't let the colour of your skin holds you back.

My sister/brother if you are one of them, you need to get help (professional help), try talk to someone you can trust, a therapist, a religious leader, etc.  Someone who can support and help you get to the root of the problem, you need to accept who you are and increase your self  esteem.

That's me a black woman, and I know I'm  beautiful

Let me tell you this, beauty is about confidence, you can whiten your skin, change your boobs, do a nose job whenever. "Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical."
~ Sophia Loren

Friday, February 21, 2014

Loving Yourself

' The greatest love of  all'  by Whitney Houston is one of my favorite song, I listen to this song almost everyday.  Sometimes life is full of challenges, obstacles, haters, fake friends etc, all of these can make your  social life difficult especially if  you have a weak spirit. All you need to keep going is just a little inspiration, an inspiration which comes from within and that's loving yourself or self love.

Don't doubt yourself, that's what haters are for.”
  Turcois Ominek

Chorus of the song, "greatest love of all"

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadows
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I'll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me

They can't take away my dignit

Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all.

“Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people think about you. In the first place, if they had better things going on in their lives, they wouldn't have the time to sit around and talk about you. What's important to me is not others' opinions of me, but what's important to me is my opinion of myself.” 
― C. JoyBell C.
Loving yourself means accepting who you are,  know your strengths and weakness, focus on your strength and use them as stepping stones to achieve what you want. No body was born as mr/miss Perfect, work on your weakness, and do yourself a favor don't pull yourself down saying a I'm a looser, I'm not lucky, I'm not good enough. Don't let anybody or yourself make you feel inferior, people may judge you and say whatever they want, if you allow them you will become a victim. Act and speak positively about yourself, When you love yourself, you will believe in you and you will know that you deserve better.

Loving yourself goes together with self respect, being nice to yourself is not a sin. The first priority 
should be yourself, pay attention to your own needs first  before paying attention to others. Respect yourself by taking full responsibility of each and every thing concerning you, then other people will respect and care for you.

If you hate yourself because of different reasons, may be you don't  like your body image, your status, your income,etc. Don't blame God because He didn't give you a good nose, don't blame  that  bitch for making a mess in your marriage, etc. Don't play a victim conquer your fears. Loving yourself is the action you must take and the decision you must make right now, because loving yourself will give you  confidence to do what you enjoy and stand on your two feet and  show the world what you have.

“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn't healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits - anything that kept me small.

My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.”
― Kim McMillen

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Love Photography


Hi guys, hope you are enjoying the second month of 2014. Today I like to talk about my interest to photography, taking photos is  my long time interest. I have been capturing  many images of myself, my family, in different events and places for the purposes of preserving memories and sharing them in social network.

These selfies I took them to use as profile photos with a smart phone held at arm's length.


Then I decided to take it seriously, if you remember one of my post in May 2013 I posted about taking advantages of free on line courses, I'm learning a lot from free online courses such as  personal finance, project management, cooking, personal development. And now I'm taking that freedom to learn photography,  thanks to this website ( , I'm following  introduction to photography class  this cover the basics of photography - film, optics and flash, perfect for those who never studied the art and science of  photography before  like me. Courses are quick and easy to understand  and I'm learning them any time I like. I can' t wait to learn more and improve my skills.

Paris is a beautiful city with many attractions historic landmark's, museums, architecture, cathedrals, parks, etc. It offers so many opportunities for photographers to capture  amazing images. The followings are some of my photos taken here and there in Paris.

1. Notre Dame de Paris[Our Lady Church]
Is a historic catholic cathedral in Paris, widely considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture and among the largest and most well  known church buildings in the world.

2. La Grande Arche 
Is a monument and building in the business district of La Defense west of Paris, the district host the tallest buildings in the metropolitan area. And is the largest business district in Europe.

3. Louvre Museum
Is one of the world's largest museums and historic monument. A central landmark of Paris, France, with more than 9.7 million visitors each year.

4. Moulin Rouge
Is a cabaret in Paris, built in 1889 in the red light district of Pigalle. Is famous for the large red imitation windmill on it's roof, as you can see.
5. Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel
is a triumphal arch in Paris located on the former Tuileries Palace, built between 1806 to 1808to commemorate Napoleon's military victories of the previous year. The lovely people you see in front is my husband and my daughter.
So what do you think about my photos? Anyone can be a photographer, I believe every thing start with love, and I love photography that's why I'm  learning and practicing it in order to improve my skills and techniques in photography, so that I will be able to capture the best photos. who knows may be one day I will make money out of photography. I will be sharing with you my photos here in my blog as a chance for me to tell my stories through images, tchao.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Hi every one, today I like to share about money saving.
Saving is the part of  a persons's income that is not spent, for future or emergency use. For example, putting money aside in a bank, for un expected expenses such as sudden job loss, car repair etc. for future uses eg, save for retirement , kids education. Money saved  gives us security and safety.


There are so  many tips on google about money saving, but I like to share the followings;

Make a budget;  take all the monthly expenses, try to cut back or minimize the ones you can, and look  for opportunities to maximize saving. By keeping a budget  you avoid spending than you earn.

Pay yourself first ; make saving a habit, each time you get paid, deposit 10% of your income into saving account .

Make a shopping list before you go to shop, and stick to it . So that you can avoid over spending.

Try to buy things that cost less instead of things that cost more.

Don't buy into trends; keep a wardrobe of classic pieces  so that you don't need update your clothes every year.

Save your coins; empty your pockets every day and put all change in a jar,don't touch it, until a specific use.

Pause for a thought ; if you are about to buy something, which isn't a necessity, wait and think twice, before you make a purchase, give yourself a time to compare prices , or come up with a plan b, or decide not to buy.

So money can't buy  happiness but make life easier and comfortable.