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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


As you know I love books and I'm a tea fun too, I like reading books while drinking a cup of tea, this  is something that I find  to be very motivating for reading books. I read a lot of  non fiction and fiction english books for self education on different topics and for fun. I like to  share with you some of the books which I'm looking forward  to reading  in 2014.

In Wild Cactus, Rose Houk writes an evocative, passionate account of these fascinating plants--exploring not only natural history secrets but Native American folklore, ancient culinary and medicinal uses, and current conservation issues.
The reason I'm going to read this book is because I want to know more about cactus and how to grow them, as a matter of fact I'm planning to grow them in the near future for business. Since the book has a helpful section on propagation and cultivation for those who want to grow their own cacti, I'm going to make maximum utilization of all the information contained in the book.
Houk Rose et el. Wild Cactus. New York: Artisan, 1996.

After interviewing over  500 of the most affluent men and women of his time, Napoleon Hill uncovered the secret to great wealth based  on the notion that if we can learn to think  like  the rich we can discover wealth and success.
I want to be successful in whatever I will be doing .  I want to be a very successful woman in my projects, raise successful  kids, to have a successful career e.t.c, In short I want culture of success to be part of my life. That's why  this book is in my reading list  for the year 2014.  The book is the essential guide to joining the ranks of the world's most successful people. I will not die  unnoticed.
Hill Napoleon(2004). Think and Grow Rich. London:Vermilion.

This book provides a complete step by step programme of mind-body medicine tailored to individual needs. I 'm going to read the book in order to understand my body, how it works, learn alternatives to health living.
Chopra  Deepak. Perfect Health. London: Transworld  publishers, 2001.

I have also chosen  two fiction books to read for entertainment and learn some life lessons through the characters, by understanding their personalities and actions and how they face their life challenges etc.

Reading books is something that is vital as it allows us to acquire different knowledge on various issues. Now being the beginning of the new year, I would like to advise some of you who have not yet developed the habit of reading books to embark on this habit , and let it be one of your new year resolution.