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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Five Things I Do In My Spare Time

I have a lot of works to do everyday from morning to evening and life seems very busy, but I'm happy because I always get a spare time. Which I use it as a personal time  to rest and have fun by doing some of the activities I enjoy such as; go for walk, having a home spa, reading, cooking and preparing easy food, and spending few hours on the internet.

1. Go for a walk
 In my spare time I like going for a walk at the park with my family, walk helps me to exercise my muscles, get a fresh air, and improves my mood, which is good for my health.

2. Home spa
I take few minutes to have a beauty warm bath for resting and relaxing.I fill the tub with warm water, then I put the scented roses, light the candles  and  always play the soft music to refresh my mind. Then I soak myself  in the tube and try to breath in and out slowly, concentrating on the music that plays at the moment , smelling the roses, enjoying my drink, and thinking about wonderful events in my life. I stay in the water for about twenty minutes, after that I put on lounge wear and slippers then I get seated on the  sofa and sleep for a while. Don't forget home spa is cheap.

3. Reading
I enjoy reading books, I try to read almost everyday  during my spare time and  when I read I turn  off  computer and tv. Books have many benefits to me, I can get information on particular subject of my interest through books. Some books have got stories that are very amusing and therefore reduce stress, By reading books I can get new ideas, knowledge to apply in my life and understand things from other people's views and it also sets me free from boredom. 

I like to eat and test different recipes, I like to cook and prepare something to eat when I have a free time just for entertainment, so in my spare time I only cook easy and quick food not complicated dishes. I like making salads both veggies and fruits salads, deserts or making a simple delicious meal, enough to have fun and enjoy.

5. Internet
As a part time blogger that's means I don't blog full time, I write and post when I have a free time, to share my knowledge, my hobbies etc, because I enjoy doing it. Besides that in my spare time I take the advantage to learn various free on line courses on the internet like public speaking course, photography, personal finance etc.

So what do you do in your spare time? You can share and tell us by leaving a comment, i like to hear how do you spend your free time, thanks.