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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Antwerp Sightseeing Photos

Hi guys!
I hope you are doing fine.

Last summer me and my family took a few days  trip to Antwerp Belgium, for enjoying the summer. We had a great time especially my girls,  who were dying to see one of the oldest zoo in the world
( Antwerp zoo). On our last day of strolling around the city I was a little bit tired, so we decided to take a sightseeing bus as a easiest to explore the city. While I was in the bus I was able to take some photos of Antwerp  tourist attractions and that's is what  I like to share with you today.

City bus tour with open deck is a nice way to see the city, multi-language explanation is available via the headphones about the city attraction.

Antwerp Central Station

Het Steen (the stone castle)

Port of Antwerp

Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp


Museum aan de stroom (MAS museum),

Bourla theater is the city most cherished theater

China town, Antwerp

 Groenplaats ( the green place)
, Is a square in the center of Antwerp near our lady church.

So that's all I have to share for now, we real had a great trip in Antwerp I like to invite you to drop a comment to share your travel or trip experience and I will enjoy to read about it.
   Thanks and Love