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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hi every one, hope you are doing fine. Today in the mid morning I was sitting in the sofa browsing through many pictures I took during last summer, it's was a wonderful memory. Since I came to live in Paris in 2007, Summer is my favorite season. I grew up in a tropical wet and dry climate ( savanna climate) in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, typified by hot and humid weather throughout of the year. So spring is here, but I can't wait for summer  to come because sun and hot is my style. Here are my pictures to tell a story why I can't wait for summer to come.

Love for the ocean, having pleasure and relaxing on the beach, smell the ocean and looking at the sky.

In summer I like  to Travel to a new city, explore it's beauty, taste new food,shopping,accommodation away from home but it's fun and happy. Do you wanna know my next destination this summer? Don't go far, please.

Paris has best, beautiful and amazing parks and gardens and summer is the best time to enjoy the French Capital's green space.

Summer movies, I love watching movies for entertainment. I don't like busy schedule in summer, just taking a break and relax. Pop corn time let's enjoy the movie.

Outdoors activities for kids, in summer kids are off school because of summer break, so it's their time to enjoy  the summer break, so do I.

So summer must be fun, but take care of yourself  and be wise. Remember to party and stay alive. Don't drink and drive when you take a summer road trip, be careful where you put  your money, remember to check the local temperature daily not to overheat your baby this summer,  just to mention a few, in summer be careful out there, every summer has a story but our stories must be sweet not with  tragic endings. Wishing you best preparations for summer holidays.