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Thursday, October 16, 2014


Hi everyone , i hope  you are  fine. I'm feeling good and enjoying my thursday. So today i would like to share with you the following quote ;

Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them.

Happy thursday .


So, if  you haven't noticed I love reading and every thing about it. I read books, magazines, news papers etc. But for now let's talk about magazines, I tend to buy the magazines I like once a while such as Psychologies, Elle, Marie Claire. I'm enjoy spending time sitting down to read a magazine, holding them and turning the pages, I like that feeling of owning them unlike the online magazines.

Psychologies Magazine
 I like it very much because it's the only women's magazine that seek to enrich emotional life, it focuses on helping you understand yourself and the world around you. it cover many topics such as body and well being, love, self, beauty, culture and more. You will find interesting articles and stories  to change your life.

Elle and Marie Claire Magazines
Like many women magazines, What I love about them is their fashion and beauty advice. Apart from that I really enjoy looking  at the pretty photos  and  things they advertise like  dresses, handbags, jewelry etc. Although I don't buy every thing they advertise  but still good to look just for fun and knowing the  latest fashion trends. However, there are good articles I always love to read in both Elle and Marie Claire worthy for life inspiration.

This is the magazine for black women and  it's in french. I love it because I get a lot of  information  about beauty products for black women and where to buy them in Paris. Also it helps me to improve french vocabularies.

I think print magazine are awesome and I like to collect them and keep them safe and read them again when I have  enough time just like books, especially the ones with articles or photos I like.
That's all, it's you time to tell us about your favorite magazine. Thanks